Lavinia Twilight

Swirls of elegant florals bloom as they climb a graceful cotton satin ground alive with detail and colour, in a mesmerising show of design.

A quintessentially Temperley print, Bonita features heavily in the Temperley archive as a vivid embroidery on beautiful tulle gowns that have a wonderful air of romanticism. These exquisite embroideries were originally inspired by colourful folk-art, recreating the tell-tale mirroring effect that is often found in this vibrant artform. Maintaining the essence of this graceful design, Bonita is intricately printed to portray the fine stitches of embroidery and the mirroring of the floral across the cloth.

Informação adicional

Peso 10 kg
Dimensões 5 × 1,25 × 3,5 cm

139 cms (54.7 ")
Vertical 77.0 cms (30.3 ")
Horizontal 69.5 cms (27.4 ")


100% CO


Temperley London x Romo – Fabrics